Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why I like Praying Naked - Actor Bolanle

Popular Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo, has said whenever he wants to pray, he does so in the nude.

He said prayer is what moves God to bless humans and not majorly by working hard.

The actor, who shot his way to limelight with his role in ‘Husbands of Lagos’ told GoldmyneTV he doesn’t believe in hard work as he gets blessed whether he works hard or not.
He said, “I work and he blesses my work.

“I pray and I’m a kind of man that prays naked when I pray, its not by hard work. Nothing attached to praying naked for me, it’s just my style.

“Dedication, discipline, determination, God – there’s nothing more to it, I don’t believe in hard work. Hard work is status-quo.

“In Yoruba, we say ‘Kirakita O d’ola, Ka sise bi eru o da nkan.’ If it was about my work, how consistent or persistent I am, I shouldn’t be here, it should be the laborers, people that work all day.

“So I’m gifted, it’s grace. There’s nothing anybody can tell me, and I refuse to believe otherwise.

“I don’t know what other people believe in but for me Bolanle Ninalowo, it is grace,” he noted.


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