Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Real Reason Your Woman Resists Your Touch In Bed And How To Avoid It

The Real Reason Your Woman Resists Your Touch In Bed And How To Avoid It
There are countless reasons that your woman might resist your touch – Reasons like being tired from the day’s work or having her monthly visitor. But there is one particular reason that will make her continually avoid you in bed and deny you of her womanly pleasure, and if allowed to continue like that for too long, it could mean more harm to your relationship than good.
This single reason has led to infidelity and divorce in most relationships and marriages.

So what could this reason be?
The only reason your woman will continually resist you her womanly pleasure is when you fail to perform your duties as a real man should; when you fail woefully at making her feel like a real woman. This can be caused by two things:

1. Shooting off before she gets to cloud 9
2. Having an instrument not big enough to fill her world.

Irrespective of how much clothes you buy for her, how much you give her to spend, how expensive the jewelries in her wardrobe, once the bedroom satisfaction is continually missing, your woman will hate your touch and resist you for it.

My then boyfriend Frederick, who is now my husband had a similar experience. In fact a recent study proved that 1 in every 7 guys suffers from at least one of this two problems.
I avoided Frederick like a plague in the bedroom for the two reasons mentioned above until he resolved the problem.

The fact is, just like how men want to be enjoy the moment with us, we women also want to enjoy the moments with our men.

We want to give and receive till we both are satisfied. My husband, Frederick lacked in these two departments that I needed so badly.

He tried different things that failed to produce the desired result, he tried medical recommendations; most of them didn’t work at all or were just a quick fix. He tried all sorts of spray he could lay his hands on but none worked as promised.

He even considered going for corrective surgery that would have cost a fortune, but Luckily for him, I had an encounter with such an embarrassing problem before with my ungrateful ex-boyfriend.
The thing is most men have been looking for solution to the twin embarrassing problem in the wrong places. So also was Fredrick, until I shared a NAFDAC approved natural solution that works like a charm. Just 3 days after, Frederick was rocking my world for long enough to make me want him like a bee to honey; he was finally able to drive me to cloud 9 and back after many years.

My joy knew no bounds that day. Not only because Frederick now has a Johnson big enough to fill my honey pot or because he can now go on and on for 30 minutes till I beg him to come, but because I don’t have to continue to avoid him again in the bedroom.


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